Resurfacing experts specializing in the refinishing of bathtubs, tile and sinks using a synthetic porcelain called Euroglaze. We are able to match any color from the major manufacturers such as American Standard, Kohler, or Eljer.

Step 1-
We begin by removing the caulk from between the bathtub and tile, and between the bathtub and floor. Then, we clean the tub with a chemical soap film remover.

Step 2-
An etch is then applied to the tub to help prepare the surface for the Euroglaze. This is one of the most important steps in the preparation process. Not one of the refinishing materials we know of will adhere to the surface for any length of time without this step. Next, the tub is dried out using laquer thinner to wipe down the surface.

Step 3-
All major chips, scratches, and gouges are filled and sanded smooth to regain the shape and integrity of your original tub. The smoother the tub is before we refinish it, the smoother it will be when it is finished. All rust spots will be sanded away and treated during this step as well to keep those spots from ever returning.

Step 4-
Two coats of our specially formulated "lead shield" primer are applied to the surface. All dust is wiped off of the surface between each coat. Then three coats of the Euroglaze topcoat are applied to the surface.

Step 5-
The caulk is re-applied between the tub, tile, and floor. Our fast drying material allows us to caulk just 15 minutes after refinishing.


The result is a beautiful, glossy, durable finish which will brighten up any bathroom.


Bathroom Magic, LLC provides you with a three year warrantee against anything natural which may happen to the tub such as peeling, flaking, or discolorization of the tub.

Bathroom Magic, LLC
Bathroom Magic, LLC